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    Hey everyone! Y’all can thank me later for making this section. The purpose here is to have you to be able to shamelessly self promote your channel and give and obtain feedback on how your/their channel is. Perhaps you may gain a few new subscribers? However, with power comes responsibility; therefore with shameless self promotion comes rules, and here they are:

    -You are only allowed to link 2 videos which are:
    -Your Channel Trailer
    -Your personal recommendation on what to watch
    Please don’t post all of your videos, if someone is interested they’d love to watch your Minecraft playlist
    without you asking.

    -Please only ONE THREAD PER CHANNEL! If you have multiple channels (excluding backup channels to your main), you are allowed to promote them.

    -No spamming other topics promoting your channel. Each topic should only be about THAT CHANNEL.

    TL;DR – One thread per channel, don’t spam, and be supporting!

    Instagram/Twitter: @JerryDaMathlete

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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