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Formerly called the “news” section on the website, I’ve decided to rename this section to “blog”. I ultimately reached this decision when thinking about where I would put certain items that I’ve yet to publish. For example, what if I had a write-up that wasn’t a online gaming guide, but wasn’t really considered news either? Too long to put in the forums, or through Discord (you guys should click this bold text to join my server, it’s great), but also its not a guide or something I would consider an “extra” to the site.

So that was when I decided what I would rename this section to:


It’s not your average, stereotypical personal blog where I could share my life experiences, as much as y’all would like to hear that. It’s going to be more of an informational outlet, specifically for those techies that like to read. Basically anything that’s not worth the time to make a video of will go here. It could perhaps spark something new from the website, other than the forums (quite empty…) and the fact this is a portal to the Mathlete of The Day Signup, my currently going on(at the time of this writing) giveaway, and the forums.

So definitely expect to see more in the future and…

(Insert generic closing statement here)

Updated: July 9, 2019 — 9:29 PM

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