The Lost SocialBlade Emails

If you haven’t watched the video where I discussed my interview with SocialBlade, you can watch it now by checking it out below:


Below are the emails between me and Dave from SocialBlade. This is just showing what I had actually said in the email interview.

The Emails


Initial email (from Dave) – April 2015

Hey Jerry,

My name is Dave from the SocialBlade team.
We’re working on a new way to feature partners via a weekly email and thought your channel was interesting. If you could reply with a n answer to these questions you may see your channel in a partner newsletter ūüôā – What is your channel about? – Who or what is your motivation? – A brand new viewer comes to your YouTube channel, what are some interesting and important things you’d want them to know? – What are your current and future goals for this YouTube channel?
If you would like to schedule a meeting we can do that as well.
Thanks for your time!

Me (Bolded is what was actually featured in the newsletter):

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the opportunity of giving my channel the opportunity to be in the SocialBlade Partner Newsletter. If you are more interested and would like to schedule a meeting as said we can further discuss, or I could quickly reply via email to shorter questions. Below are my replies:
-What is my channel about?
¬†Shockingly (thankfully), nothing to do with math (It was a name I gave myself in high school due to me being a math”prodigy” and an athlete at the same time) But when it comes to a specific category, not one field seems to , but leans more towards a mixture of Technology and Gaming.
-Who or what is your motivation?
¬† ¬† ¬†When I started, I was just moving along with my own self, but it wasn’t long ago when I discovered MatPat’s (Game Theory) life story. From his point, he was always known as the smart guy, achieving remarkable standardized test scores, graduating top in class, receiving countless scholarship offers from many universities, and going through college like a breeze. That so far looks 100% like my life story (I’m only half way through college so not sure what the other 2 years holds). Despite MatPat going through life with all these honors, it didn’t mean much in the real world, and that’s why he started Game Theory, in order to build up his credibility.
¬† ¬† ¬†I don’t want that to happen, and I’m not going to start a channel called VG Philosophy to rip him off or anything. So when it comes time to decide what kind of video I should do, I look for things that I know how to do that isn’t available on YouTube, or something that was made in very poor quality and I feel I can improve on, the prime examples being the¬†“Mathlete’s Tech Tutorials”¬† series which I find pretty fun and helpful.
-A brand new viewer comes to my channel, what are some interesting and important things I’d want them to know?
  • I have fun with my videos, I’m unique, spontaneous, not just accustomed to making one type of video.
  • I do my best to keep all of my videos being family friendly as I never swore myself in real life nor my vids (the only swearing on my channel was FHRITP from my MLG Madden video and my friend’s questionable reply in my John Cena Prank Calls videos.
  • I’m through with starting each point with “I”, it’s about the community, right?
  • Y’ALL¬†(Pardon my Southern Talk, I’m from the Deepest Southern Part of Louisiana)¬†should enjoy watching my videos and have fun.
  • Y’ALL¬†should be ready for me to put a video of just about anything on my channel.
  • Y’ALL¬†should know that I’m still single and ready to mingle (yes it’s hard to believe ladies but¬†disregard¬†that as that has nothing to do with YouTube obviously)
-What are my current and future plans for this YouTube channel?
       Networking, getting out there, be more consistent on high-quality uploads. Just recently, I put up a video detailing a robot I built only using parts from a Lego Mindstorms NXT and a phone.(see It was nothing more than a rover, but was controlled by a live POV (the camera) from a chat (similar to TwitchPlaysPokemon). The robot was so impressive and successful that it caught the attention of a newly discovered streamer group called LetsRobot, who invited me to stream my robot on their network (through my Twitch channel GamerPalooza which would be relayed onto their servers.) This seems like a great networking opportunity and could help with future exposure.
       How this relates to YouTube is that I plan on posting the updates to this robot that I am currently modifying and stream highlights to YouTube, with this current end goal actually being moving the stream to YouTube (if possible) and dual streaming to Twitch.TV and YouTube, being controlled simultaneously by both chats.
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†As far as other videos, my most popular videos are the “Mathlete’s Tech Tutorials” which range from fun¬†VB.NET¬†coding projects to creating a dedicated server. I felt this would help establish some credibility (as mentioned in question 2) for myself later as I look for a job in IT, rather than just my academic achievements. (17 years old in college, Sophomore Computer Information Systems major, 4.0 GPA, etc.) So in the future, I hope to post more useful videos under this category and educate the masses.
¬† ¬† ¬†Lastly, I plan to keep along with my spontaneity and just post whatever comes to mind, I’m a human potpourri (French for a little bit of everything), I don’t even know what I’ll be posting next, except I plan for it to be great.

If interested, we’re also doing a video feature on our socialblade¬†YouTube¬†channel and would like to get you into a¬†skype call for a quick recorded video interview.

If you’d like to move forward, please reply with a date/time and time zone you’d be available.

Yeah sounds good, I’m in the central time zone and just about any time is good. By the way, the newsletter feature worked great! I got a lot of exposure from it as I got an unusual surge of traffic and subscribers. Thanks a lot!

Also, will these questions be similar to the previous ones or will be a whole new set?

Glad to hear the promotion went well ūüôā

I’m east coast so how about 3pm eastern (2pm central) today?

The questions are somewhat the same, we’ve got about 8 on our list but pick a few to include in the video feature.


As you can see everything had good intentions and I did acknowledge that the newsletter promotion did help. I just wanted everyone to see how this was carried out. Cheers!
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