Projects / Guides

Welcome to my projects page. Here I will provide supplements to many tutorialsĀ on my channel, including some that you may have not seen (yet).

How To Setup a Free VPS Server

One of my most popular YouTube videos now in text form! Come check out how to get your own Virtual Private Server set up in no time at no cost!

Cheap Game Capture Setup For YouTube + Twitch

If you’re low on funds and want to get a start on YouTube or Twitch, then this is the place to start!

3DS Custom Banners

Wanna prank your friends? Hate how your 3DS games look on the home menu? Then go here!

Madden 100+ Stats (Mr. Moss “Glitch”)

This isn’t real, but it shows you how one YouTuber tricked his following into believing he knows something no one else does. Here I show you how he did it as well as how to replicate it.