100+ Stats in Madden NFL (How to Fake it)

Didn’t watch the video yet? Here’s your chance!

So, there’s this guy, just another Madden YouTuber…

A channel with well over 30,000 subscribers, millions of views, certainly nothing could be wrong, right?

WRONG! (Well for the most part…)

This guy’s most popular series involves him making super heroes/ celebrities in Madden and giving them extreme attributes, well over the 99 threshold which is normally in the game. The secret? He claims that he knows a “glitch” that enables him to do this, however, no one knows how to replicate this glitch. No modding/hacking groups have came out showing how it’s done. Mr. Moss’ videos are flooded with hundreds of comments asking him how to do it. The thing is, he never replies to those comments, and ignores them. However, he replies to just about every other comment that he can. Not only that, I commented on his videos mentioning that I found out his secret, and when I checked from another account, my comments were gone. That indicates that he either removed my comments are marked me as a spammer.

How come?

Well… This “glitch” that he claims to know is FAKE! He’s of course not going to tell anyone because he would lose a (Donald Trump) HUGE amount of his following, as his most views videos are the “What if _ was in the NFL?” type of videos, where he uses the “glitch”. He keeps it a secret to continue to give his videos clickbaity titles and not to give an entirely misleading title.

I was actually able to recreate the “glitch” using Sony Vegas and a few files, including the same font used in Madden 16. I actually caught him red-handed initially because he didn’t use the Madden font in one of his early vids. Below you will find the exact project files that I used in the video above.

Project Files (Download Below)

[sociallocker id=”413″] https://www.dropbox.com/s/qy0l2y6mmvb4weg/Resources.zip?dl=0

Font: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xjnzh5qfy5zcha1/Overall+Font.ttf [/sociallocker]