I Made a Twitter (And Why I Did)

Some of you of the social media site Twitter may have noticed this lately…

Also on the sidebar on the desktop version of this site you’ll see a feed of my newest tweets.

And you may be saying right now:

But Jerry, I thought you would never make a Twitter?

Why Jerry DA Mathlete and not Jerry THE Mathlete

The answer is yes, I did say that, and I did keep true to it. This account wasn’t made by me. Let’s just say this account was, inherited. The name of this account was formerly @GamerPalooza, which was for GamerPalooza, the name of a streaming group I ran with my friends since 2015. However, after a long unfortunate series of events, GP was banned from Twitch for reasons unrelated to our livestreams. We were left with every other account besides our Twitch, including the Twitter.

The GOAT Squad has quickly replaced what was GP, and it was also decided that a new Twitter account be made for the new channel. Therefore, the GP Twitter was left to shrivel up and die, unless someone were to take it over. Since the other members of GP each had their own accounts, I decided to repurpose the group account as my own, deleting all of the thousands of tweets made under the former alias.

The whole “Da” over “The” was due to character limits on usernames.



Reasons That I “Made” This Twitter Account

To Better Promote My Videos

Twitter is one of those main social media thingy-dos that a lot of people go on. As I’m about to say compared to Discord, there are a lot more users on Twitter than Discord (and Twitch). Also, he best place to shamelessly promote yourself is none other than your own profile! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna spam it with my own junk. If you follow, I’m going to make your follow worth the time.

To Help Build a Community

I would like to communicate with everyone, not just in the comments section of my videos. I also do that with my Discord server, but there are a lot more users on Twitter than Discord. You also can’t send messages in my server without actually being part of it, so that’s an issue as well. I would gladly reply to any @mentions to me on Twitter, just like I try to reply to every comment on YouTube.

Not only do I like to communicate with the public, I also like to build relationships with the community and one day turn my viewers and fans into friends.

To Make Memes

I love me some may-mays. Here is where I can spread my love for it. As you can see from the picture my most recent Tweet was what was intended to be a meme.

To Put Myself Out There to All the Single Ladies

Ok no, maybe not this one. Maybe… I also intend to inform people on this great health supplement that we will now be handling. It is natural, safe, and very effective at ensuring you are providing your body with the nutrients it requires. If you would like to know more right now, you can visit our website.



So, what do you think? Good move or not? Comment below, or heck, if you read this, why not click this bolded text to check out the Twitter. Let me know if you followed me after reading this as well! My Twitter has also been added to my Official Accounts & Pages page as well, therefore verifying it.

Updated: November 24, 2018 — 5:20 AM

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