Featured Creator #1 – TPotato

Well, when you’re sitting down watching the Pro Bowl, you have to find something to do during the commercials. This was when the idea of doing a short writeup on a fellow content creator that I have worked with.

That idea had soon materialized and this is the first of possibly many writeups of the future. This first writeup will be on a good college friend that I have done much creation with – Zach (known online as TPotato). I taught him how to use Vegas, as well as made an intro (which is now present in his videos, such as the one below).



So what’s a good example of something we worked on? Well, here is one thing that we worked on (NOT CLICKBAIT):


Yes, we went on Omegle in search of love for yours truly. It was also my first time on Omegle. What’s shocking is that it actually worked out for everyone – but me, the namesake of the video. Both of my co-stars ended up Snapchatting someone we met on Omegle (not shown in this video, but it happened).


Well, aside’s from that, check out Zach’s channel and subscribe if you wish. Here’s a button for quick access.


Well, until next time!

Note: whoever I choose for this feature is entirely my choice. Asking won’t do anything.

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