Welcome to the extras page! Here you’ll find a lot of special additions that I felt like adding.

The Mathlete Insiders

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Discord Chat

Looking to add another channel to your completely random list on Discord? Wanna make new friends?

How To Support Me

Do you like my work (a lot)? Looking to show your appreciation in various ways? Well here I’m going to show you all of the ways you can show your support – monetary or not.


I got games on my phone? Well, sorry; I don’t think these games will work on mobile, but you are welcome to try them out on PC! Free and unblocked! (unless my site is blocked for some reason…)

Athlete IQ (Available Now! – Android Only)

I made a mobile app! Now it’s available in non-mobile form online for those that don’t have access to an Android Device.¬†Athlete IQ provides a standardized score of eight categories to see what your true potential is.

Disclaimer: A higher score does not mean an automatic high probability to succeed.

Want to download Athlete IQ (Android Only)? Then check it out at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Jerry.Trosclair.AthleteIQ&hl=en_US

About Me

Want to learn about me as a person, but can’t find me on social media? Well firstly it’s because you won’t find me on anything other than YouTube, Twitch, or Reddit. Here you will find more than enough information to crave your stalking urge.

Old Projects / Archives

Everything you’ll find here is essentially a museum. Any old projects that I come across from years past I will document and publish here.

Everything within this category is discontinued and future progress will most likely not be made. However, I’ll give you what you need to continue it yourself!

Press Information

Are you a publisher looking for information and resources in order to do a writeup for me? Here you will find high-resolution logos and additional information.

Official Pages & Accounts

Looking for where else I lurk around the internet? Here I list all of my profiles and accounts on as many sites as possible.