How I Earn Money From The Internet

So, people may be wondering how I earn money from doing my various things. Although I’m not a full (nor part) time internet worker, I’ll share with you guys how I make a nice bit of spending money, along with how much I make with each of these.


YouTube Earning in a Nutshell

Ah yes, the magic YouTube monies. Put a video up (why stop at just one?) and let the cash roll in. Seems like an easy way to make money and a living, right?


According to my calculations using my own CPM from my videos, for YouTubing to be a full-time job and earn an okay yearly salary ($40K – $60K / year), you’ll have to gain at least 50,000 views PER DAY. In comparison, it takes me about 90 days to gain 50K views. Now is it impossible to earn a living from the #2 site in the world today, with the existing powers of King Pewds and Glowing Hot Knife videos? Yes, definitely. If you somehow find your niche and make quality content, you can definitely surpass that 50K/ day threshold and earn a living pay.

How I Earn From YouTube

DISCLAIMER: As of this writing, I’m currently affiliated with an MCN (Multi-Channel Network), I’m partnered with SocialBlade. Although I have nothing bad to say about them, I will be withdrawing from the network once my contract comes for renewal. The amount of money an MCN takes from your earnings can be a lot, and if you don’t utilize what you’re given, there’s no purpose being affiliated. In the future I’ll cover why I quit more in-depth.

Like everyone else, I monetized my chanel through Adsense and through that, ads are served through my channel. Since I am currently connected to my MCN, they send me via PayPal my earnings (minus their cut) each month. Normally, Google Adsense does this via bank wire/ check every month if you reach a $100 cumulative threshold.


A snippet of my YouTube Earnings in a 28-day span from the end of Jan 2017 to Feb 23rd, 2017.

This Website

This website is linked to Google/ YouTube in more ways than you think. Like my YouTube channel, this website is also monetized via Google Adsense. That’s why there are ads around this website. Firstly, the site isn’t free to run. The average cost to keep the site going without taking anything out of my pocket is 7 cents/ day. Therefore, I allocate the first 7 cents I earn each day to a “maintenance” expense. I earn the most money whenever somebody clicks on an ad, which can pay anywheres from 20 cents to a couple dollars per click. Just saying its against the Adsense TOS to click on your own ads, so don’t make a website of your own and start clicking.

On slow days I earn just enough to keep my website up, while on some days I earn a couple dollar, so it really varies on how much traffic you have and which ads show up.

According to the laws of logic, if you earn a profit from it/ break even, keep doing it. If you earn less than your costs, quit. So it’s pretty obvious I’m earning at least some sort of profit from running this site.

I have both slow days and good days, and it all depends on what ads are shown and if I get clicks or not.

Other Things

Well other than YouTube videos and website management, when I get bored there are other things I do to earn in my spare time. It’s chump-change, if you can get a real job I’d recommend doing that or you’ll probably spend more on electricity than you would gain doing these.


It rewards you for doing small objectives, whether it be downloading an app, answering a survey, or doing other offers. Even though some offers do require a front payment, I usually never do these and just do the free offers. Usually in a few minutes each day I earn a dollar or two, but I wouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes a day on SwagBucks because you’ll eventually run out of offers that are worth doing. If you’re interested go here to check it out!

Amazon Mechanical Turk

For you to sign up you need to be 18+, so sorry kiddos (try SwagBucks instead). Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is an online work marketplace where you can complete micro-jobs (HITs) to earn money, which can be then wired to your bank account or transferred via other methods. Please be aware about which HITs you do, as you may just get paid 10 measly cents for 30 minutes of work! I personnally recommend checking /r/HITsWorthTurkingFor on a daily basis, as I find those HITs to be the most paying for my time. I find I earn more money from MTurk than Swagbucks, and if I’m REALLY lucky and find some good HITs, I can easily make $8/ hr.

There’s something rarer than a unicorn called Master Qualification, and if you submit enough quality work through this site, you may just earn it. Being Master Qualified opens you to a lot more HITs, usually higher paying ones as well. I’ve heard of people with 99.9% approval rates and over 250K accepted hits still not get Master Qualified, so this isn’t just something anyone can get.



If you’re lucky, yes you can be a full-time internet worker and earn a nice amount of money. You do have to work for it, however; it isn’t a lottery that just picks some random person to be rich for the rest of there lives.


That pretty much concludes this post.  Got questions? Leave a comment!

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If forums aren’t your thing, theres always the Mathlete Nation Discord Server that is open for all to discuss.


Until next time then!


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