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Of my many goals in life, one of them was to build and release my own mobile app. After many years of waiting, I finally decided to take action after watching the NFL Combine and noting the performance of some players.

Yeah, they’re fast, and strong, but some are also very large humans. Watching a 250-pound man run and move like he does is remarkable. Of course the small guys were quick, but the big guys were what raised eyebrows.

That is what inspired me to create an app that would give you a rating based on your “athletic potential”. You will have to enter your height, weight, as well as your result in 7 other “combine” drills before getting your results. These drills can be performed anywheres, except the bench press (if you have any other alternatives for a strength-related test that can be performed without gym equipment, please let me know).

Athlete IQ Combine Tests:

  • Height/ Weight Entry – If you think this is for demographic purposes, you’re wrong (the app doesn’t store any of your personal information as of now, but possibly in the future as a social feature). Your height and weight (calculated as BMI) will be used in determining weights and multipliers for certain events.
  • 40-Yard Dash – Your full-burst speed will be measured here, plain and simple. One of the most popular drills ran at the combine.
  • 20-Yard Shuttle – This measures your ability to regain speed after making a complete 180.
  • 3-Cone Drill – Being able to gain speed while making sharp turns is important; this drill will measure just that.
  • Vertical Jump – The 40-yard dash of leaping explosiveness; just jump as high as you can.
  • Broad Jump – Both explosiveness and coordination is required here. It’s one thing to jump far, but you have to stick the landing as well for best results.
  • Bench Press – The only true “strength” test on the list. Since not everyone can put up 225 pounds, I reduced it to a more managable 135 pounds, but plan to add an option to do the full 225 test in a later update.
  • Intelligence – For you to excel in any sport, you need to be intelligent. I use the Wonderlic test given to NFL prospects to determine your ability to think sharp and think quick.

Once you enter results in all 8 sections and calculate your score, you will be presented with a number on a 100-point scale, this is your “Athlete IQ” score, and the formula of calculation is standardized, so it can be compared to your friends’ results.

Yes I have ran the tests myself, and I my score was a 54.04. Although this is nothing stellar at least, it was honesty an accurate score agreeable be both myself and my friends.


Where Can I Get Athlete IQ (and How Much is It)?



Currently, Athlete IQ is only available on Android, but an iOS rollout is ready to go as soon as I pay for my Apple Developer’s License ($99 a year is a bit much considering I don’t know what I will earn from this app).


Go here for the Android version!

iOS version coming soon!

Athlete IQ also comes in two versions – Free and Pro. The Free version has no daily limits, it is only ad-supported and it requires an internet/data connection to use.


Go ahead and try out Athlete IQ and find out your score; post your score in the comments below!

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