About Me

Welcome to my personal page, where you can learn as much about me personally as possible, perhaps even on a stalker level…

Personal Info

If you guys ever wondered what I look like, here’s me with my girlfriend, Nina. (April 2019)

Name – Jerry Jerome Trosclair, Jr.

Age – 21

Location – Southeast Louisiana, USA

High School Education:

  • Hanson Memorial High School
  • 3.96 GPA
  • Salutatorian

Collegiate Education:

  • Nicholls State University
  • Computer Information Systems
  • 3.97 GPA – Summa Cum Laude
  • 2019 CIS Distinguished Graduate


  • Current Occupation: Software Analyst
    • MSSQL DB Management of 150+ GB Production Database
    • SSRS Report Building + Query Optimization
    • AWS Website Administration
    • VB.NET / C# Special Use Software Development + Training


Personal Interests

  • Gaming – Retro or modern, console or PC
    • Favorite Series – Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Madden/ NCAA Football
  • Technology – PC Hardware, Software Programming, Networking, Optimization,
  • Physical Fitness – Yes, I do lift. My all-time maxes are below. I also actively participate in my school’s intramural sports.
    • All-Time 1 Rep Max List (Date – Weight at time)
      • Bench Press: 205 lbs (Spring 2016 – 170 lbs)
      • Deadlift (Hex-Bar): 315 lbs (Summer 2014 – 180 lbs)
      • Squat: 315 lbs (Spring 2016 – 170 lbs)
  • Memes – I love me some dank maymays. Normies beware.


Academic Portfolio

  • I graduated high school at age 16 with a near-perfect 3.96 GPA and was named salutatorian. Take Junior-year English seriously kiddos, even when you have to write a bio on all 100-something characters in John Gresham’s A Time To Kill, as well as note every page number that they are mentioned on. I did fine on that project but it was a good example of how that class was.
  • I scored a 31 on my ACT (proof coming soon) and an 88 on my ASVAB (also coming soon). Let’s just say that I was getting letters of interest from Ivy League schools and I was always on the phone with a recruiter from every branch of the Army.
  • I placed first in my area in Pre-Calculus and Calculus, and second in Algebra 2, as well as second in the state in Pre-Calculus and Calculus.
  • I was offered a grand total of $123,000 of scholarships from schools around the state due to my test scores and GPA.
  • I graduated from Nicholls State University under a presidential scholarship with a 3.97 GPA, earning Distinguished Graduate in my field of study.


Athletic Portfolio

  • I’ve had perhaps the most random athletic career in high school. I was mascot my sophomore year, waterboy on the football team junior year (I couldn’t practice since I joined too late, so I watched instead), and played offensive guard and nose tackle senior year, yet I was 5-10 180.



Video from a game I played in (I wore #53).

  • I was also the PA announcer for the baseball team for my last 3 years of high school. That is where I learned how to use audio mixing equipment and public addressing skill.
  • I was able to organize my own intramural flag football team recently – Jerry’s Berries (pun intended). We had a weak first half of the season starting off but we eventually put together a top-tier offense, closing the season almost upsetting a team favored to win the state championship (we lost by 2).


Gaming History

When did you begin playing video games? – It was my curiosity that actually got me involved in gaming at when I was 3 years old. I was wandering around the house where I came accross an odd box that looked like a toy. I then asked my dad to take the box down and to set it up for me. It was my parent’s SNES Mini and along with it, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. I then proceeded to quickly delete my dad’s almost-completed save file and start fresh (I was 3, forgive me). From then my interest in video games kicked off and it’s been one of my passions.

Did you just play Yoshi’s Island until you grew up? I know it was a good game and all, but… – No, silly! My days of just the SNES were over come Christmas Day 2002 where Santa dropped off a nice little gift – a Nintendo GameCube with Super Mario Sunshine and Bomberman Generations. Then as time went on and new consoles came out I was introduced to many different genres and styles of gameplay.

What does your gaming life consist of now? – After obtaining a variety of different games and consoles, retro to modern, I decided to take on collecting as a hobby. Personally I prefer collecting games and consoles that are sixth-generation and prior, with an emphasis on cartridges. Right now I have over 200 games and at least 2 of every post-NES pre-GCN console (excluding Sega Saturn/ Sega CD) that was released.

Why do you prefer collecting cartridges? – Let me get you a ROM to a game that was released on every console and have you try to play that ROM on a non-development console without hardmodding. It’s easy to burn ROMs of disc-based games onto their intended mediums. Cartridges on the other hand are practically impossible to duplicate and pirate without obvious differences, and that’s what I believe will help resale value of cartridges in the long run over disc-based games.

What is your most impressive gaming feat? I think I have a couple. One of being placing in the top 150 in the world in speedrunning Green Hill Zone Modern in Sonic Generations, when I was about 14. Next, which came more recently, defeating the #1 player in NCAA Football 13 in an epic showdown in Tuscaloosa, with my LSU Tigers coming out on top 19 – 16. This dude’s record is like 1700-200 and I snapped his 32-win streak.

Finally, do you have your old Yoshi’s Island cartridge and/or your old SNES? – Yes I do, and I make sure I keep those in a special place in pristine condition for years to come. I sometimes joke saying that the cartridge and SNES are in better condition than they were in 2001 since I had cleaned them inside and out. I also completed Yoshi’s Island several years ago after finally figuring out how to beat Naval Piranha.


History with Computers and Other Technology

When did you start using a computer?  – It was around the same time as when I started gaming, when I was three. I don’t remember the specific game I played or how I started, but I know it was a Winnie The Pooh educational game.

Just like with Yoshi’s Island, did you play Winnie the Pooh forever? – Nah, I played that no wheres as long as I played Yoshi’s Island. Later on I was introduced to the world of dial-up internet. Soon I was surfing all of the information in the world at blazing 128k speeds, and that’s where curiosity sparked.

What kind of curiosity, exactly? – Curiosity in everything. Yes, even when I was 3 years old, my parents trusted me with an open internet connection, free of firewalls or monitoring of sorts. Don’t put your mind in the gutter, I was a good kid and made wise decisions. I actually believe that having open access to the world at such an early age had some part to do with my academic successes later in life.

How about fixing computers, how did that come along? – Well eventually all computers come into problems and crash/ break, or other weird issues happen. I learned to format a drive when I was about 7. One of the weirdest issues that I fixed at the time was I accientally set the resolution ridiculously low, like at 320×240. Along with scaling on high, it was virtually impossible to navigate with a keyboard and mouse. I learned to navigate with the tab key and eventually had it fixed that day.

That’s it? Happy ending, runs into the sunset, roll the credits? – Not exactly. I continued to work on and fix computers from that point until the current day. I built my first computer when I was 13, and that is what started my interest in hardware. Eventually everyone that knew me knew I could fix their computer. I had that reputation from middle school into high school even into college.

When did you figure out you wanted your career to be revolved around technology? – I decided long before I entered high school that I would attend college for at least 4 years, but wasn’t sure what I would study. I knew I was the “smart kid”, and was told by many that I should be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or college professor; knowing I could succeed in any one of those fields. However, gaming and computers continued to be my passion and that interested me far more than what could be potential big-time money, as well as I knew that demand for tech jobs would be on the rise. I joked for the longest that I would take on a full time YouTuber/ Twitch Streamer as a career, but that I consider just to be a hobby (and a nice secondary income).

What could you see as your (realistic) dream job?  – I’d love to stay close to home, preferably stay in Louisiana. My love for sports and my experience with broadcasting have made me realize I’d be a good fit working for a professional sports team, whether it be the Saints or the Pelicans. I could see myself anywhere from basic desktop support around the stadiums, making sure Coach Payton has the game film ready to go on his Surface, or even managing the databases and making sure there is sufficient storage capacity, speed, security, and ease of accessibility.