3DS Custom Banners

Wanna prank your friends? Hate how your 3DS games look on the home menu? Then this is the tutorial for you!

Prefer a video? Then check it out below!


Before we begin you do need a few things:

– A PC (duh)
– 3DS With CFW
– Decrypted .CIA File
– .CIA Installer for 3DS (ex. FBI)

And also you’ll need a few programs on your computer:

Python 2.7.12:

Pillow for Python:

3DS Hacking Toolkit:

And this folder below:

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Step 1: Prepare Your Environment

Extract the 3DS Hacking Toolkit and 3DSBannerMaker folders to an easy to access directory (either your root drive or desktop).

Now open up the Hacking Toolkit folder. In the folder “PackHack”, place your decrypted CIA there. Next run SetupUS.exe, follow the directions and once done, open up HackingToolkit3DS.exe

When the program opens, type in “ce” type “n” when it asks if you would like to decompress the code, then exit the program.


Step 2: Create Your Images

You’re going to need to make 2 (actually 3 images), which are the icon and banner files. So open up whatever image editor you use and make your banner (256px wide x 128px tall, transparency supported) and icons (24×24 and 48×48). Remember to save them all in .PNG format. When that’s done, name these files the following and place them in these folders in “3DSBannerMaker”:

Banner – 256×128.png (goes in cbmd_bannerimage)

Icons – icon.png (the 24×24 file goes in ctpk_24x24icon and the 48×48 file goes in ctpk_48x48icon)

Step 3: Prepare to Assemble the Files

Go in each of the 3 folders that you saved the images in and run the .py file.

To change the game name and publisher name, open up open up AppData.txt in the 3DSBannerMaker folder. Change the longtitle, shorttitle, and publisher fields by placing whatever you would like in the quotation marks.

Note: In my experience, the longtitle and shorttitle can be the same, I’ve never found an instance where I needed to change either of the fields.


Step 4: Assemble the Banner + Icon Files

Now that you have your images (and title/publisher info) ready, run _buildscript.py and then you’ll have banner.bnr and icon.icn appear. Change their extensions to .bin then go back to the PackHack folder, go to extractedexefs, replace the banner.bin and icon.bin files with the files of the same name from the 3DSBannerMaker folder.


Almost there! A couple more steps to go.


Step 5: Rebuild the .CIA

Open back up the HackingToolkit.exe, type in “cr”, enter the name of your new .CIA, press enter, and you’re done with that step! What else, I wonder?


Step 6: Install and Enjoy!

Copy the newly built .CIA file to the SD card of your 3DS and install using any .CIA installer.



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You CANNOT create a custom sound with this method. If you would like to add a custom sound, find a way to convert it your audio (less than 3 seconds long) to .BCWAV, name it example.bcwav, and place it inside of the bcwav_audio folder inside of 3DSBannerMaker, then run _buildscript.py.



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